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I have purchased about 6-10 different multivitamins for my little one. He is 6. Some have been gummies , some gummies with the sugar coating , some chewables. These are the ONLY ones he will take . No more crying about taking his vitamins , no more hiding them and saying he took them lol, he actually reminds me to give them to him everyday. Mom approved by the quality , the price and the excellence of the vitamins and kid approved by the taste ! Can't beat that :) 5 stars for sure:)


My kids are in love with Mighty Vites vitamins and fight over who gets them first! They love the different flavors! They really prefer them over Flintstone-type vitamins and other gummies that have that bitter vitamin taste.I highly recommend this product and will order more.

Taylor Bracken

Vitamins my children ENJOY taking! They're in gummy form which means they ASK for them every morning when they get up. They're low in sugar and the other bad stuff we don't want to see in children's products (Contains no: artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemically modified colors.) and have good qualities as well (Is non-allergenic, gluten free, Halal and Kosher certified, and produced in the USA in a GMP certified factory, FDA approved).

Monique - VINE VOICE

I am really impressed with the Mighty Vites! I of course tried them myself and found them to be very soft, tasty, and dissolve quickly after chewing a few times. I compared them to Flintstones and was shocked at how many non-medicinal ingredients are in the Flintstones vs. the Mighty Vites. It is great to have just what you need in a product like Mighty Vites as opposed to having a bunch of fillers. 

Angela Holloway

My elderly Dashund doggie has Cushings which we have been treating for about 2 years and I was looking for something to help him move, eat and sleep more peacefully. So I gave Mighty Bites liquid a try. He won't take pills or chew anything hard. I have been giving it to him for about 3 weeks. He likes the taste on his food(and eats all of it), sleeps well and is moving a bit more. I believe It has been a God send and is giving us more quality time together.